Friday, February 17, 2012

First Valentine's Day Married!

Tuesday was our first Valentine's Day married! It couldn't have been better! I had class at 7:00 am so I got up REALLY early, like 5:00 am early, and made Weston breakfast in bed. Keep in mind, I am not a morning person haha so that was a pretty big deal! He was really sleepy!

   I left for school, came back, and saw this on my table!

A dozen roses, mini cupcakes, a love monkey, gatorade, and a card! I was so happy! He is the best husband in the world! 

So I opened the envelope and this is what I saw. Parental Discretion is Advised!

Don't worry, he wrote me a very sweet and romantic letter as well! That night when he got home from work, we were trying to think of somewhere nice to go get some dinner. Our friends Hannah, Grant, Jordan, and Christina called and said they were going to the movie called This Means War. We were in! We hurried and went to In-N-Out, got a bite to eat, then headed to the theatres. It was very romantic! Haha We thought the movie was very funny. There were some sketchy parts though, so I wouldn't take your kids along with you. Basically it's about two friends/FBI agents who end up dating the same girl. They agreed to letting the best man win. Throughout the movie they try to sabotage each other's dates. It's a little corny but I loved it! Here's a sneak preview!

Overall, it was a perfect Valentine's Day! Weston is the greatest blessing in my life and I can't wait for the rest of our Valentine's Days to come!!

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