Friday, February 17, 2012

Dew Tour at Snowbasin, The Cabin, and Biore Strips!

So Weston and I have a lot of married and engaged friends that we do really fun things with! Last weekend we decided to go up to Snowbasin to see the Dew Tour. It was sooo much fun! We went with our friends Bubba, Sara, Jordan and Christina. We got up close to this huge half pipe and watched the skiiers come down and do all of their amazing tricks! I was very impressed!

Here's the winner! He was amazing!

Afterwards, we went up to my cabin in Eden which is right by Snowbasin and Pineview Reservoir. We all sat in the hot tub and had a blast together. Christina brought these Biore strips. I had never tried them before. We even got the boys to do it with us! We all were laughing so hard. It didn't help that we weren't supposed to laugh because then it wrinkled the strips. What a night, what a night!

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