Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our Story...

You know those cute love stories you hear about when a boy and girl grow up together, end up falling in love, and getting married? Well, that's us! Weston and I grew up in the same neighborhood. My family moved in a year after his and our parents instantly became best friends. They started playing cards, going on double dates, and traveling together. Our families went to Lake Powell together every year when we were growing up. My dad was Weston's young mens leader while he was a teacher and priest. They had a close relationship. I was just Vance's little girl to him and he was just a big senior in a band with long hair to me. Weston went on a mission to Washington D.C. for two years. He returned and I had just graduated high school. I guess he thought I had grown up because he was pretty flirty with me that next month in Lake Powell. Our little neighbor Kamille was trying to line us up in Lake Powell. She put us in a love spell. Well Kamille, it worked! We came home from Lake Powell and I left the next morning to Europe for 3 weeks with my dad. We emailed back and forth. When I got back we went on our first date. We dated for the entire next year and had such a blast! In Lake Powell the next year, I was out on my parent's boat. Weston pulled up in his dad's boat and asked me to come with him. I sat on his lap and we went through a beautiful red rock canyon. He told me he had something to show me. As we came around the corner, I saw a big banner that said, "Maddie, Will You Marry Me?". I couldn't believe it! I was so happy and so excited all at once! He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I practically jumped on him! I held myself together really well until we went back to my parent's boat and saw all of our friends and family. I'll never ever forget that trip!
One of our many trips to Lake Powell growing up. I am the second girl from the left. Weston is the one in the middle with the long hair and karate bandana. Oh boy I love him!
Weston came to my 16th birthday party. He is holding Kamille, who put us in a "love spell" and lined us up! I had just had a jaw surgery so don't mind my slightly swollen cheeks.

Now you can see why I thought of him as a big senior with long hair in a band! :)

Here is a picture of Weston, his best friend Ryan, and my dad after they took the Church Ball Championship! :)
This is when we were dating. Valentine's Day 2011.

Our RV trip up the west coast. This was in San Francisco.
Hogle Zoo! Do you measure up?


And we're engaged!!


  1. Okay Maddie! I'm totally stalking your blog... Your engagement pictures are gorgeous!!! Holy moly. And what a cute story you guys have!!